On the Slate | Oriol de Montbrú

I was pleasantly surprised by this creamy buffalo milk cheese from Spain.  Pere and Imma, the cheese makers, who began making this cheese in 1989 with milk from their own herd at their farmhouse Montbrú in Moià, near Barcelona. Named after their son, Oriol, who has since taken over as cheesemaker.  This cheese is young and sweet with a medium texture that crumbles a bit.  Formed into small wheels it has a slight covering of blue-gray mold of Roquefort penicillin similar to Garrotxa, a pressed and hard goat cheese from Catalunya. Worth seeking out for its overall uniqueness and taste. Pair with a Saison or a light red or cava.

Region/Country: Catalunya/Catalonia | Spain

Milk: Water Buffalo

Pairings: Saison beer, light red wine, sparkling wine such as Spanish Cava